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  1. The Chaos Gate (eBook)

  2. The Foe Wars (eBook)

  3. The Divine Fist (eBook)

  4. The Forgotten Gods (eBook)

  5. Origins (eBook)

  6. Sekka (eBook Novella)

All for only $14.95 !!

Hello! Jeff here. Right now, I’m running this amazing deal for SIX of my epic fantasy ebooks. You can snag them all for 75% OFF on my author website price.

You'll find ordering the eBooks directly from me is super simple and totally secure through my Shopify store. The eBooks will be delivered straight to your inbox to read on your favorite eReader or app.  Here are the easy steps to take:  

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*** The eBooks and Paperbacks are also available on Amazon if you're more comfortable with them, I just can't offer this massive discount through their store. 


REVIEW 5.0 out of 5.0 Stars: In a world gone nuts for YA books and movies, it's refreshing to find a book written for adults. Pantanella manages to have characters with mature motivations and adult content, without falling into the trap of writing soft porn. What's more, he presents characters with a wide array of perspectives; the youth and niavete of the hero makes the sadistic joy of the villains all the more real. This is a classic story of good versus evil where the sides are far more similar than they are different. And the storyline keeps you turning the pages with its fast pace. The author builds a deeply engrossing world, and at the end of each book, you are left hungry for the next. ~ Cross R.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A buddy-cop adventure in East Asian fantasy style

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 17, 2023

Read it in one sitting cause I couldn't put it down. Funny and well-written. The two protagonists play off each other well. One of my new favorites.

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Kazumi Hime was born to slay demons, until the fateful day she became one.

Kazumi is young, impatient, and curses like a foul-mouthed sailor. But put a katana in her hands and she has no equal. Denied by her mother, the High Priestess of the Yoru Ya-iba Clan to complete her training and progress to the distinguished rank of the Night Blade, Kazumi sets off on her own to prove she’s ready.

But chance and fate have other plans for young Kazumi when she is attacked by a monstrous chaos beast in the forest and left for dead, or so she thinks. Soon after, Kazumi realizes the horrible truth: she has become the one thing she has spent her life training to kill.

Outcast from her home, wandering the countryside, Kazumi meets a stranger named Sunny, who joins the young ninja warrior in her quest to find an antidote. Sunny promises Kazumi answers to her unique condition but carries a dark secret of her own. Whether Sunny is friend or foe, only time will decide.

“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Demon!” An anime and manga inspired action romp set within the world of the Ever Hero Saga. Buy KAZUMI Demon Spirit now and read the story of a teenage ninja warrior with a dark secret. Book One in the Night Blades Series, an Ever Hero Saga Story.


 Hello there! Thanks for joining me. My name is Jeff Pantanella, and I am an epic and dark fantasy novelist.

My love of fantasy began at an early age with an obsession for drawing heroes fighting monsters and playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. After studying fine art at the Rhode Island School of Design and serving as a Guggenheim Fellow in Italy, I turned my abstract painting talents into something more tangible—writing books. My stories are often characterized by their courageous heroes, nasty villains, and smart take on the epic and dark fantasy genre.

My stories are full of twists and turns, with characters who are both heroic and flawed, fighting battles in old town streets, leading armies across hostile terrain, or maneuvering through political machinations in the halls of power. If this is your type of story, you’re sure to be hooked from beginning to end. 



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