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Monstrous, cosmic beings, manifesting in the bodies of twin vampiric avatars, have established a foothold in the Mortal Realm. They race against angels and devils for a mythical being whose power can shatter the barrier protecting the Three Worlds and allow unfettered access to a million living souls.


Six years have passed since the defeat of Sekka at the hands of the Ever Hero. The Heavenly Host has departed, leaving the lands a charred, ash-ladened dystopia. Kasai Ch’ou has returned to the ruins of Ordu, seeking solace. He is a broken man, without cause or purpose. 


Enter Cyrus Wraith, a mysterious Master Monk of Symmetu, who promises to guide the famed Ever Hero back to the elusive Boundless and help him rebuild the Four Orders of Aetenos. But Cyrus has a hidden agenda, and his obsession with the ancient staff, Ninziz-zida, quickly becomes problematic. 


The trials of the Ever Hero are not over as the stakes rise to world cataclysmic events. Kasai starts down a path that will force him to do the unthinkable to the one person he holds most dear or watch helplessly as the Three Worlds are consumed in war.


If you are looking for a propulsive, epic fantasy series that brings intricate plots, revenge, forbidden attraction, and heroism to the forefront, as unlikely companions rise to face both angelic and demonic adversaries, then this book is for you. 


Buy, The Forgotten Gods now and enjoy the fourth installment in Jeff Pantanella’s page-turning Ever Hero Saga.







A chance encounter between a reclusive monk and a fiery wood witch, and the awkward romance that follows, propel the two companions into the middle of an eternal struggle that will forever change the face of the Three Kingdoms of Hanna.


Treachery, betrayal, and madness abound as a power-hungry duke seeks vengeance, an archangel turns his back on the humans he is meant to protect, and a crafty devil plots her invasion of the Mortal Realm. It is a time of uncertainty and hopelessness for the people of the Three Kingdoms. A hero must rise.


Will the young monk, Kasai, accept his role as the chosen one, though it may cost him his soul, or will he trust in the forbidden love he shares with the witch, Desdemonia, and become the next Ever Hero?


Buy THE EVER HERO SAGA now and enjoy the first three books and a bonus novella in Pantanella's page-turning, epic fantasy series and SAVE 33% off retail purchase!

BOOK 1: The Chaos Gate AUDIO CLIP


Have a listen to the Prologue of The Chaos Gate. This clip was narrated by Ulf Bjorklund


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5.0 out of 5 stars

Epic start

Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2020

Good start to what should be an epic series. I would like to see it made it to a tv show.


December 2020


A singular hero rises to face both militaristic and demonic enemies in this epic fantasy series opener.


In the realm of Hanna, House Conrad rules Baroqia. But Duke Gerun Shiverrig, descended from Baroqia’s original conqueror, insists that Mortimer Conrad sits on a stolen throne. Further, Shiverrig believes that military might can keep the kingdom safer than entangled mercantilism, especially where barbarians are concerned. If court allies can’t help him overthrow Mortimer and House Conrad, then perhaps the sorcerer Maugris Hennerstrum and the archdevil Sekka will. 


Meanwhile, 19-year-old Kasai Ch’ou is a monk of the Four Orders studying the mysteries of the Boundless under the Three Masters of Ordu. While Kasai seeks a life of balance, his 20-year-old friend Daku revels in displays of power. The Masters want all students to abide by the teachings of Aetenos, the monk who became a demigod. A prophecy says that Aetenos will return to Hanna as the Ever Hero, wielding a weapon called the Ninziz-zida, a “three-sectioned staff” with “ancient power.” Currently, the demigod is a captive on Gathos, Sekka’s homeworld. 


Sekka, inhabiting the form of a human seductress, plans her return to Hanna with the help of Maugris. With war imminent, where will Desdemonia, a Sunnese mage, go to start her new life?


Pantanella pours a dark, cinematic foundation in this first volume of his series. Chapters that rotate through the sharply contrasting perspectives of Shiverrig, Kasai, and Sekka (Desdemonia joins the cast later) move the plot along. 


Vivid prose offers monkish philosophy, as in the line “The Path of Ease will ensnare the undisciplined mind.” The author is equally capable of portraying demonic sex and eerie abominations, such as the envoys of Maugris. "They were physically wrong as if their bodies had been stuffed into human skin a size too small."


Readers won’t have to wait long before war breaks out, and nicely rounded characters, like Daku, get satisfying arcs. Concepts like xindu energy and Sekka’s rivalry with the Red Devil, Zizphander, prove this series can only get wilder.


A propulsive fantasy that brings revenge, forbidden attraction, and heroism to the forefront.



The Abyss is a world of chaos and conflict where weakness is purged, and failure equals death. Three Supreme Devils rule with uncontested might until a young, ambitious devil sets out on a path to overthrow them all.


The devil, Sekka, refuses to wait for the centuries it will take to amass the power she craves. She is cunning, manipulative, and willing to take risks a more prudent devil would never attempt. But ambition is a double-edged sword, and now she is bleeding out troops faster than she can replace them. Mistakes have been made, alliances broken, and she finds herself on the losing side of attrition against her enemies.


In a desperate gamble, the young devil launches a risky invasion to steal prized territory from a weakened foe, but one with ties to powerful allies. If the land grab is successful, it will catapult her over her enemies and into a higher echelon of power in the Abyss, but if she fails, she will lose everything; her land, her armies, and her life.

Sekka is a novella set in the epic fantasy series The Ever Hero Saga. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a fledgling devil in the Abyss, you’ll love this short story prelude in Jeff Pantanella’s page-turning Ever Hero Saga.

Download Sekka now and read the origin story of the devil, Sekka, and her rise to power in the Abyss.

5.0 out of 5 stars Nice short story N. Hirakawa

Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2020

Pantanella’s ending was fantastic! Sekka was a fun page-turner and I really felt like I was there with her, every step of the way. A very fun escape from reality!!! Highly recommend.

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